Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bluestone Trip

Jonas is one!

Oh my goodness but doesn't time whoosh by. Seems like yesterday - well not quite - but not a blooming year ago!!!

Jonas had lots of lovely presents. A trike from us and many Thomas related toys too. Louise got him an amazing newspaper article - where he was front page news! I was in tears as soon as i saw it ... a really special present to keep forever.

So we all went to ThomasLand at Drayton Manor, thanks to our Tesco vouchers. Many people thought Jonas would be too young to enjoy it - no fear he had a ball! he rode on Thomas, met the fat controller, fought dragons on the water ride, flew in Harold, rode on a ferris wheel and watched his crazy, fearless sister go on everything at least twice!

Lola is desperately trying to look interested all she really wants to do is go to Thomasland to ride on the runaway train - Jonas' birthday is distracting from the task in hand!


I am a rubbish blogger - offical. However here goes: a brief overview, skip a few, ninety nine a hundred!!!

Jonas has claimed Lola's chair as his own - Lola is happy with the decision as she has claimed the whole leather sofa as hers!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Too much chocolate?

We managed to all meet up at Sudbury House, Museum of Childhood this weekend. Mum, dad and all the Davies Family. It was a lovely sunny day, the museum and play park was great fun, and the picnic suitably unhealthy laced with chocolate cake. The kids had a fantastic time as did we! Lola and Katie found toads and frogs...which I really don't like!!! We thought one might be dead, Janet gently prodding it with a stick produced no movement, Lola arriving and subsequent poking with hot grubby fingers produced the required effect and we all laughed as the toad / frog plodded off in one direction, Lola the other shouting "see, told you it wasn't dead".

Lola's favourite outdoor toys, Emily the blue tit and Seth the Robin - A bit strange looking I think but she loves them. As they are not really toys and made of resin type stuff, they don't really bounce, something Lola does all the time. Seth was dropped and split in two!!! I had to make a mercy dash to the garden centre to replace him.


I can walk now...let go mum...mum... mum..DON'T let go!!!! I think Jonas is going to be a real handful of stubbornness, not sure who he gets that from!

Read me another story Carl x Let's hope we get some more sun this week.

The rest of the holiday week has been spent messing around and about here. We went to Hatton with Libby and John, photos soon.

Vegetable report

We have shallots, garlic, tiny shoots of carrots, a pumpkin plant and lots of radish. Also bought and planted lots of herbs, well they were on offer - 7 plants for a tenner, thought that was pretty good. Am really enjoying it, although am completely clueless is great fun...if only my darn potatoes would chit!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

A basket full of princesses..

Grandma got Lola a basket stuffed with choccies for Easter...we don't have a 'bucketful of dinosaurs' in this house but we do have a 'basketful of princesses'. Currently travelling everywhere, and dropping out more times than i care to remember, since the concept was dreamt up. :)

This Easter weather has been a real blessing. My slimfast diet has been kicked out the window...p'haps start again tomorrow. We have already managed to catch up with lots of people and looking forward to spending lots of time with friends next week. Rob is mad busy so he is away much of the coming week, me and the kids in the sunshine down the vege plot! Well me, chasing Lola before she gives Jonas the worms she loves to find...I think that she wants him to eat one, as I catch her with that mischievous glint in her eye and a spadeful of worms behind her back!

We went to an Easter egg hunt with friends. It was a lovely day, a little cold perhaps, Lola fell head long in a muddy puddle, although managed after a minor hissy to get on with the day.

Rob gave lesson to Jonas on how to win at Connect 4. Then went on to get a bit miffed that lola didn't win in the egg and spoon " well she followed the rules!!! they were cheating!?"

As Jonas is completely in love with Brum, we got him a DVD, we were all sick of the Sky Plussed episode, over and over and over again... I was washing up, as i turned round i managed to catch Lola giving Jonas a cuddle at a scary bit?!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Brum at Bourton on the Water

We went to Bourton today. Was a perfect day. Jonas saw Brum! He Loved it.

lola got a frog that turned slowly into a prince...she loved it...everyone happy, good day x

After our visit to Bourton Water we came home and had a dance off on the Wii, a perfect way to celebrate Easter.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Last Day at School...chocolate overload.

Lola's last day at school today. All went pretty smoothly, kids up, dressed and breakfasting together ...

Both of them sit exactly the same, legs up, making a mess and giggling at some hilarious, strictly private joke.

Then off to school, Lola's turn to take snacks in. So when we went to the shops she clocked a massive box of biscuits, thankfully on offer, so was more than excited about being the helper and taking in her 'snack treasure'.

When we got home it was pouring so we stayed in the car and read stories whilst parked on the drive. The kids loved it - who needs expensive toys?

We had Barb and Lins visit today, was great to see them both, anyhow am pooped so off to house tidy, sort by hiding things in drawers and then sit and listen to the rain beating on the conservatory roof for a bit. Gosh the excitment!